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SDTimes-Cover-July2017.pngThe July issue of SD Times is ready for your reading pleasure, and to help expand your knowledge of the industry! The cover story this month is on microservices, a growing consideration for organizations looking to increase agility and do faster iterations of their software. As consultant Aater Suleman writes, there are process, design and technology considerations to take into account when looking to go to a microservices architecture. He spells it all out for you here.

• Improv at standups… breaking through a wall: Bringing the skills of improvisation into a Scrum standup meeting promotes the same types of team player qualities that are found in small troupes, writes online and social media editor Madison Moore. While the exercises will generate some laughs, the goal is to improve communication skills and collaboration to create better software.

• Climbing the IoT data mountain: Any discussion about the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, cognitive computing and contextually aware applications has the same basic foundation – Data. Collecting it, storing it, poring through it for insights, and using it to gain a competitive advantage. SD Times online and social media editor Christina Cardoza looks at how some of the biggest organizations in the world deal with the data challenges they face.

• Buyers Guide – DevOps CI/CD: DevOps is about more than velocity, quality, traceability and scalability. It’s about having an end-to-end perspective on your process and the chain of solutions required to get you there. This guide looks at the choices.

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