ITOps Times is aimed at IT managers who need to stay on top of rapid, massive changes to how software is deployed, managed and updated. With so much unfiltered and unreliable information over the internet, the need for a trusted guide such as ITOps Times is more important than ever.


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ITOps Times was created specifically for IT managers with a need for a wide-angle view of what’s happening in the industry, and what it means. ITOps Times has an editorial focus and format that attract movers and shakers across the IT industry.


  • Senior IT Operations Manager
  • Team Manager/Group Leader
  • VP/Project Manager
  • Business Analyst/Systems Analyst
  • Data Scientist/Big Data Specialist
  • General Manager/Department Head
  • IT Operations/Data Center/Systems Administrator
  • Other IT Management
  • Other IT Professional
  • VAR/Systems Integrator

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ITOpsTimes Media Kit

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