Print Advertising

The first step is to build awareness and preference for your products using print advertising in SD Times. This is much less expensive than you think because SD Times circulation is targeted to 75,000 Software Development Managers, Software Architects, Project Managers & Team Leaders. Here is more information on print advertising in SD Times:

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Online Advertising

After you have built up your awareness and some preference for your products with the SD Times audience, you should look at increasing the size of the audience you are reaching via banner advertising on, or generate some direct response with list rental and lead generation programs. Here is more information on these programs:
  • Banner Advertising on (PDF)
  • E-mail Newsletter Sponsorships in SD Times News on Monday (PDF)
  • News on Monday Sample E-newsletter (PDF)
  • Lead Generation – White Paper Programs (PDF)
  • Custom Webinars with SD Times Editors (PDF)

2018 Editorial Calendar & Planning

Plan your 2018 Schedule to reach Development Teams with SD Times.

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December: DevOps APM Buyer's Guide

This guide looks at APM, and the tools on the market available to help make sure your applications are up and running at peak performance.

December: Automated Testing

What happens when your systems are dynamic?  When should you automate tests, and how much automation is enough?


December: Integration Platform as a Service

The cloud has made it easier for developers to access all kinds of services. Integration platforms as a service enable developers to access data, other applications or services whether in the cloud or on-premises.

January: Year in Review

We examine trends and major issues from 2018

January: Web Development

We look at advances in JavaScript

January: Digial Transformation: Low-Code, No-Code Buyer's Guide

We look at the tools and technology available for Digital Transformation and Low-Code, No-Code Tools