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The first step is to build awareness and preference for your products using print advertising in SD Times. This is much less expensive than you think because SD Times circulation is targeted to 75,000 Software Development Managers, Software Architects, Project Managers & Team Leaders. Here is more information on print advertising in SD Times:

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After you have built up your awareness and some preference for your products with the SD Times audience, you should look at increasing the size of the audience you are reaching via banner advertising on, or generate some direct response with list rental and lead generation programs. Here is more information on these programs:
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Plan your 2019 Schedule to reach Development Teams with SD Times.

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David Lyman

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February: The State of IoT

The Internet of Things has begun to creep into our everyday workplaces and lives.  In this article, we examine the current state of IoT, and see where the actual implementations are seen and where the hype extends it all.

February: UI/UX Test & Design Tools

We examine the art and science of UI/UX design and testing, and speak with the companies providing tools to get this done.


March: DevOps CI/CD Buyer's Guide

More than just building the pipeline, organizations need visibility into the pipeline to see how their software is being updated and deployed. This guide will also look at the tool providers in the space, and feature some of the offerings.

March: The Hacker Shift

As software becomes more complex, more surfaces reveal themselves to hackers looking to steal data or inject malware into applications to bring them down. This article looks at the changing approaches hackers are using to infiltrate organizations, and what security experts say organizations  can do to better defend themselves.

March: Java Update

This month marks the release date for the third Java update since Oracle announced last year it was adopting a biannual release cycle. This article will examine what’s new in Java, what’s coming down the pike, and what users can expect from the language and platform.

April: DataOps Buyer's Guide