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David Lyman

Tel.  978 465-2351

April: AI - Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation is the next generation of business process automation, powered by artificial intelligence to enable ‘bots’ to help users complete tasks through the user interface. This feature looks at the state of RPA, what it has enabled, and what’s to come.



The use of microservices to create applications has exploded under modern software architectures.  But as microservices proliferate, managing them and securing them can become problematic. In this article, we examine the best practices for ensuring microservices security and management.


April: DataOps 

Buyer's Guide

Data analytics drive business decisions. In the fast-paced world of software development, the speed at which analytics can be delivered is critical. DevOps teams require data to understand how they’re working to deliver value to customers, while DataOps relies on machine learning and artificial intelligence to make sure the right analytics are getting into the right hands, and are actionable. 

April: Deeper Look - Continuous Testing

PART 1: The Need for Continuous Testing

Topics to include: Keeping pace with speed of development, bringing testing to new architectures such as microservices and containers, as part of continuous testing effort. And, how important is automation to the effort?

May: Monitoring Serverless Applications

As serverless applications proliferate, it is critical to be able to effectively iterate and manage those applications, while governing and managing dev, test, staging, and production environments in public or multicloud environments.  We look at this issue.

May: Value Stream Management 

Buyer's Guide