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cov002 (1).pngThe August issue of SD Times is ready for your reading pleasure, presented in a new format that improves on the experience of enjoying the magazine. Let us know what you think! Speaking of user experience, this month’s cover story is on UX, and how the experience is as much about knowing your users’ likes and habits as it is about design. Contributing editor Alexa Weber Morales looks beneath the interface to capture what it is that makes a great application experience.

• Python gains popularity:  A perfect storm of technologies, maturity and advances in AI have led to Python becoming a first-class language, reports online and social media editor Christina Cardoza in this look at Python. The ability to use the language to create software for Raspberry Pi or for server configuration has resulted in its growth among developers.

• The coming impact of GDPR: In May 2018, the European Union will implement the General Data Protection Regulation. For companies doing business with customers in the EU, non-compliance could result in stiff fines. Contributing editor Frank Ohlhorst breaks it all down for you.

• The Agile Showcase:  The ideas of agile software development have been understood for quite some time. What hasn’t been so well understood is how to implement agile techniques beyond the development organization. Editor-in-chief David Rubinstein and contributing editor Lisa Morgan turn the spotlight on the topic, and on the companies that serve this market.

• Buyers Guide – Test Driven Development:  Earlier predictions about the death of TDD were clearly greatly exaggerated, and this guide shows you who’s in the game.

BONUS!! Along with the August issue of SD Times, you’re receiving the SD Times 100 supplement, which gives our honorees a chance to tell their stories in more depth. Synopsys, a leader in the security and performance category, is the Diamond Sponsor of the supplement.

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