Embedding security into your cloud-native pipeline

In today's modern software factories, organizations are shifting security to the left. No longer just the purview of firewalls, security needs to be built in during development and deployment processes. By doing so, organizations can ensure they are limiting vulnerabilities getting into production while cutting costs of both downtime and code rework. Learn about:

  • How to ensure that the use of open source doesn’t introduce vulnerabilities and other security risks
  • How to automate delivery of trusted images using a policy-driven approach
  • Empowering developers to secure their applications, while maintaining segregation of duties
  • Ensuring the consistent flow of images through the pipeline, with no side-doors or introduction of unvetted images
  • Enforcing immutability of containers, preventing container-image drift

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Mostafa Siraj is a senior AppSec Engineer (Manager Level) at Capital One Bank based in London, United Kingdom. He has broad experience in preventing vulnerabilities in source code and architecture.


Rani Osnat has more than 20 years of enterprise software industry experience, in project management, product management and marketing, including a decade as VP of marketing for innovative tech startups in the IT security and cloud arenas. Previously Rani was a management consultant in the London office of Booz & Co. He holds an MBA from INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France. 

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