Business Process Modeling - Best Practices for the Enterprise

How do you currently document and layout your business processes? A whiteboard? Sticky notes? A simple diagramming tool?
Have you considered a more sophisticated, dedicated process mapping tool? This can help improve the efficiency and accuracy of your processes, leading to better business results.
By moving to a dedicated process mapping software, business users can improve processes, implement version control, keep teams in sync and standardize an effective process mapping solution across the organization.
Join our guest Bob Spory, IBM Cloud Technical Specialist and a thought leader in the BPMN space, as he discusses ways you can solve common issues that often impact process mapping.
Best practices to be covered:

    • Keep it simple: Resist the temptation to introduce complexity into your methodologies and process models
    • Choose a champion: A successful project must have a management champion
    • Involve those who really know: Collaborate with the people who actually know how the process works and who are responsible for its success


Featured Speaker:

Join our guest Bob Spory, IBM Cloud Technical Specialist, a thought leader in the BPMN space as he discusses best practices to solve version control and collaboration issues that often impact process mapping.

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