Building Geo-distributed Applications with Redis CRDBs: The New Redis Database Built on CRDT Approach

Globally distributed interactive applications are hard to develop due to read and write conflicts. The new CRDBs (conflict-free replicated databases) enable the same sub-millisecond latencies you are accustomed to getting with Redis applications with globally-distributed deployment topologies. CRDB make building complex geo-distributed apps simple by using the built-in smarts of proven CRDT approach (conflict-free replicated data-types).

In this webcast, we look at how always-on, “AP-leaning” deployment of Redis (AP refers to A -“available” and P – “partition-loss tolerant” of CAP) is possible with CRDBs. We’ll peak under the hood at how CRDBs and Redis types such as strings, sets, and hashes work in CRDBs. We’ll also demo how to code an application with CRDBs for safe distributed failover across two data centers and avoid any downtime!

Watch the webinar!

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