Deep Linking and Attribution for Android Instant Apps

Instant Apps is a new technology, built by the Android team at Google with input from Branch, that allows you to segment portions of an Android app to load immediately when a link is clicked. Theses segments (also referred to as “splits”) are not the full version of the Android app, and the user will still need to install the full native app to engage with the rest of the experience.

This means that you need to design your user experience so that a user can engage with a portion of your app experience, all the while compelling them to get the full native app. In a sense, an Instant App is a replacement for a website, only loading if the full Android app is not installed when a link is clicked.

If you follow Google’s guide, they’ll have you integrate your web links as Android App Links that will trigger Instant Apps. While on the surface this might seem like a solution for your linking needs, this approach doesn’t cover all critical use cases, and that’s where Branch comes in.

To see the use cases for Branch link in Instant Apps, download this white paper!

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