Detecting account takeovers and defending your users

Account Takeover (ATO) attacks are one of the fastest growing and prevalent problems for most organizations, but today’s attacks aren’t focused on attacking just servers; they also focus on attacking your usersIt’s no longer good enough to place a traditional web application firewall in place and hope that it stops the attacks against your web applications. In order to protect against account takeover attacks, enterprises must instrument and analyze their user’s actions and patterns in detail. Knowing the baseline data for your application and your users’ usage patterns is a good place to start asking questions:

  • What’s the rate of normal authentication traffic?
  • What happens in authentication failure modes, and what’s the average failure rate?
  • What sensitive actions do users take when using the application?
  • Does our application alert the engineering or security team when these actions and failures occur?

To learn more, read this whitepaper!



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