The Importance of Citizen Developers to Business

While citizen developers are not full-time developers, they are at the heart of modern businesses today. They see what your business needs to grow, how to increase productivity, and thanks to new trends like low-code, they are equipped with the ability to develop apps that do just that. 
Low-code enables non-programmers to scour data, learn new optimizations, build automated processes, improve business efficiency, and reduce the strain or bottlenecks coming from the IT department. The problem, however, is that it can be difficult to find the right tools to successfully accomplish that. This is because citizen developers often work with tools like Excel and Access, and are not familiar with full-featured development tools such as Visual Studio or Eclipse.  
Xojo offers them a different solution with the ability to create apps with all the capabilities of a powerful development tool and without the expansive knowledge or experience of a professional programmer.
Download this white paper to learn more about Xojo, and how it can become your secret weapon.

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